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鈴木先生は、初代、全国珠算教育連盟アメリカ支部長(現、League for Soroban Education of America)を務められました。また、ライフワークとして、1984年に東京に「英語読み上げ算教育協会」を設立されて、新しい形でのそろばん学習の機会を広げられました。また2003年には「NPO国際文化交流協会」を設立され、そろばんを通しての国際交流に、その力を尽くされました。珠算教育者として、50年以上に亘り、アメリカを始め世界20か国以上を訪問され、指導者や生徒たちへのそろばん教育の普及に力を注がれ、2020年5月に、ご逝去されました。




1) アフリカのモロッコでの指導(2006年)


3)NYのRoss Schoolでの鈴木功二先生(2012年)


 (画像提供:1. 2. 4 英語読み上げ算教育協会/3. Harumi Akiike Lopez)

My Dear Soroban Mentor, Dr. Kouzi Suzuki

Dr. Kouzi Suzuki passed away in Tokyo, Japan in May, 2020.

He had been my Soroban mentor and teacher after I took over my sister's abacus school here. I remember that my very first place I started to live in California was at Dr. Suzuki's former house in Monterey Park, CA.

Dr. Suzuki and his family moved to the U.S.A. to introduce Soroban education in 1965. He worked as the first director of the League for Soroban Education of America. Dr. Suzuki energetically introduced Soroban work to prominent American Math educational leaders. Amongst of them, he collaborated with Dr. Leo Richards of the University of Southern California, and with Dr. Ralph Abraham of the Ross School in East Hampton, NY. Dr. Suzuki, as a pioneer started Eigo Yomiagezan Kyoiku Kyokai (Institute for English Yomiagezan) in Tokyo in 1984 to establish and to promote English oral dictation exercise genre. He also founded NPO Kokusai Bunka Koryu Kyokai (Institute for International Culture Exchange) in 2003 so as to contribute cultural communication into the world through Soroban activities.

Throughout his life, Dr. Suzuki was visiting, teaching and educating Soroban methods to the leaders and to the students of over 20 nations around the world in his more than 50 years of vigorously devoted work as a brilliant and great SOROBAN Giant.

I dearly miss Suzuki Sensei, one of the kindest, caring human beings I've ever known.


Photos: (clockwise from the left)

1) Dr. Suzuki, teaching at the Kingdom of Morocco in Africa in 2006

2) Teaching Suzuki methods by using portable teacher's SOROBAN.

3) Dr. Suzuki at the Ross School in NY in 2012

4) Dr. Suzuki in Beverly Hills in California with his Cadillac and SOROBAN license plate

(Photos: 1. 2. & 4 by Eigo Yomiagezan Kyoiku Kyokai / 3. by Harumi Akiike Lopez)






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